Dept. of Darndest Things: Mélanie Watt, Scaredy Squirrel Has A Birthday Party

My daughter Bridget, who just turned 5, likes books as much as I do. (Finn, also pictured, is indifferent.) When I can convince her to write a joint review of a new kids’ title, the result is a dispatch from the Dept. of Darndest Things.

Today we look at Scaredy Squirrel Has a Birthday Party (Kids Can Press, $16.95), Mélanie Watt’s latest instalment in her mega-cute franchise.

* * * * *

What’s this story about?

B: Just say “Scaredy Squirrel has a birthday party” for that.

Is it a funny book, or a sad book?

B: Funny.

How many times did you laugh?

B: I don’t think I ever have.

How many times did you smile?

B: I don’t know. [Quickly] One time!

You’ve read all the Scaredy Squirrel books. Why do you like them?

B: I haven’t read all of them! I’ve read three of them.

Okay, okay. What do you like about them?

B: I think they’re really silly. But I don’t like how Mr. Finn grabs at all my books! I like the ones that have lots of charts, and plans. I like all those. I think they’re pretty neat. I have no idea how to stop this baby from grabbing at my book.

Did Scaredy Squirrel give you any ideas for your birthday party?

B: Well, I asked Mom to check my date of birth. I was trying to pick a safe location: our house. Mom gave me a bit of a breathing thing [to practice blowing out candles].

If you could ask Mélanie Watt to make a new Scaredy Squirrel book, what would you want it to be about?

B: A book about me.

You and Scaredy Squirrel?

B: Just me, generally.

* * * * *

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