EMERGENCY POLL: What Should I Read Next?

Name a good book. Or even an author. If I have it on my shelf, I’ll give it a shot. Right now I’m panicking from too much choice, and considering a lot of bad ideas. Send help.

  1. popscratch said: Anthony Powell!
  2. pretendingtoadult answered: Wild
  3. hummeline answered: night circus or thirteenth tale
  4. bodywithoutorgans answered: Girlchild by Tupelo Hassman
  5. kelsfjord said: ooh wait, I co-sign Chris Adrian. and Bluets. and Melville (obvs)
  6. kelsfjord answered: Shirley Jackson!
  7. anythingcouldhappen answered: I just finished The Children’s Hospital, Chris Adrian. It’s astonishing.
  8. shariden answered: The Age of Innocence, E. Wharton
  9. shiveringbeast answered: Maggie Nelson’s Bluets. Some Edward Gorey or Raymond Queneau. Melville.
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